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NSP Consultants provides win-win solutions for your business and its stakeholders in every situation.

Started in 2017 by Nishi Singh with the goal of providing critical but often overlooked consulting services for businesses, NSP Consultants believes that real business results come from being excellent in the small things, and utilize a strong work-ethic, sound business tools and attention to detail on each project we embark on.

Nishi Singh (2012 KwaZulu-Natal Businesswoman of the year) brings over 15 years’ local and international experience to local organisations, teams and leaders wanting to reach business excellence. Her Business Management and relevant internationally accredited qualifications, as well as years of experience running and growing multiple businesses has allowed her to identify critical but commonly overlooked areas in running and managing a business and is passionate about helping business owners overcome the common hurdles that they face in their journey towards growth, stability and profitability.

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Our Expertise

In order to bring the most value to each client NSP Consultants brings a vast knowledge base of diverse skills and competencies to cater to the unique needs of companies. We also engage industry experts on a project basis where required. We know that each client and project come with their own unique requirements and goals, and so ensure that the team comprises of the required skills set for each situation. We effectively unbundle the plethora of information and solutions available to business today in a targeted and systematic

Professional Mentoring

Professional Mentoring

Develop your business’s leaders with coaching, advice and insights with our Professional Mentoring Consulting.

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Change Management

Change Management

Poor implementation of new policies, systems and processes can damage your business, its reputation and company culture. We help you make the transition as smoothly and effectively as possible.

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Policies & Procedures Reviews

Take an in-depth look how you guide the actions of your staff, and make sure you effectively communicate and implement your policies and procedures through all layers of your organisation. We believe that staff are more productive and motivated when they have clear direction and guidance for what’s required of them.

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Systems & Processes Auditing

Systems & Processes Auditing

The first step to maximize profits and minimize waste resulting in costs reduction, is to identify areas for improvement in your business systems, processes and procedures. We offer an in-depth audit of your operation, providing clear direction to achieving your goals. We combine the traditional pen-and-paper method with more specialized digital tools to yield effective results and findings.

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B-BEEE Consulting

B-BEEE Consulting

Get specialised and structured BEE support and management consulting that allows your organisation to secure maximum B-BBEE points which enhances opportunities for growth. We assist with setting targets, simplify the numbers and track the progress up to verification stage.

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Our Purpose

We exist to help businesses reach their maximum potential.

We believe that real business results come from being excellent in the small things, and we promise to help you and your teams improve in excellence in every area within your organisation. Our approach is based on incremental changes that lead to sustainable growth and excellence. We believe in getting the basics right and building a solid foundation that can handle great capacity for expansion and even diversification.

Our Core Values


We believe integrity and honesty need to be at the core of all business conduct


We believe in being transparent and accountable for our actions


We strive for mutual benefit and value creation for us, our clients and their customers/clients


We believe in doing what we say, when we say it

Our Team

Under the leadership of Nishi Singh, NSP Consultants engages industry experts on a project by project basis, ensuring her team comprises of a wealth of experience and knowledge to maximize value to the client. She is a qualified and results-driven Business Professional and Consultant, combining a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management with entrepreneurial & consulting experience spanning more than 15 years. An innovative strategist with great analytic and quick-thinking capabilities used to great effect in developing and implementing strong financial, administrative, and organisational decisions.

Able to understand organisational missions, principles, and objectives while presenting a good level of strategic thinking in coming up with brilliant solutions in order to be a successful professional. Possesses outstanding management skills having proved to be competent in transforming business operations to become more competent and profitable. A dynamic communicator supplemented by excellent interpersonal and presentation skills; with an outstanding achievement of being elected as KwaZulu-Natal’s Business Woman of the Year in 2012.

Core Competencies:

Strategy Formulation & Implementation | Operational Efficiency & Implementation | Entrepreneurship Training & Development | Change Management | Contract Negotiation & Implementation | Project Management | BEE Facilitation

Nishi Singh

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