How We Work

NSP Consultants provides bespoke consulting services that are tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Our consulting services are tailored for each client, creating a unique partnership that gears you up for sustained success.

Hourly Consulting

Our hourly consulting is available for all our consulting services and is ideal for small to medium-sized organisations looking for short, regular consulting work. This is best suited for advisory sessions coupled with Professional Mentoring.

Project Basis

We provide project management as well as project implementation consulting services and will work with your organisation and suppliers to make sure you reach your goals and deliverables as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We structure our proposals on a larger scale, on a project basis with definite deliverables and timelines that can be measured and monitored effectively.


With improvement comes change and this must be well managed to minimize disruption and ensure everyone is onboard with the improvements. This is best achieved through a medium to a long-term partnership. We recommend a minimum of 6 months for a true return on investment and create a unique journey designed specifically for your organisation.


Do you want to achieve excellence for you and your organisation?

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