Strategic turnaround Solutions & Business Rescue

Combining strong strategic planning with a focus on turnaround solutions holistically or specific to an area or department, we have successfully assisted businesses of all sizes and sectors to achieve sustainable results and incremental growth year on year.

Most businesses view Business Rescue as a last resort when they are about to collapse. We believe that applying the principles of a Business Rescue approach at regular audits of the overall health of your business, will ensure you identify loopholes and apply strategic initiatives before crises arise.  Anything left to itself with eventually deteriorate. Attending to your business health and assessing your objectives to ensure they remain aligned to your goals but also relevant to current trends and customer demands, will determine your sustainability into the future.

Some key focus areas are:

  1. Cost reduction
  2. Optimized productivity through the principle of Efficiency
  3. Monitoring and managing Change interventions

As an approved Business Rescue Practitioner, Nishi Singh can help you identify, plan, and implement a complete turnaround solution, taking your business from survive mode to thrive mode.

We work with you to develop your unique skills, character traits and the mindset needed to be an effective leader and manager of your business operations and staff.

Strategic turnaround Solutions & Business Rescue

Begin your journey into business excellence today. Contact us to set-up an appointment and see how we can help improve efficiency, growth and stability in your business.

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