Excel with B-BBEE transformation done right.

Our B-BBEE Consulting provides accurate and reliable advice and implementation services to help you navigate B-BBEE transformation.

B-BBEE transformation doesn’t need to be confusing and frustrating. Benefit from B-BBEE experts who help you determine the best approach to B-BBEE, and effectively implement the best B-BBEE compliance solution for you.

It is no secret that being B-BBEE compliant means more opportunities for your business, as well as being an organization that is pro-actively contributing to South Africa’s transformation. Unfortunately, complicated legislation and a lack of expertise has made the B-BBEE field a minefield, which requires a considerable amount of time and effort to navigate.

NSP Consultants helps companies plan for effective long-term transformation, ensuring your readiness for verification audit by assisting with setting targets and monitoring achievement of same. Understanding your options and choosing the right strategy for you is crucial in making your B-BBEE transformation a success.

We always work towards your best interest, and once the correct path has been chosen for your organization a B-BBEE Transformation action plan is implemented and closely monitored. We aim to make the transition as seamless and effective as possible, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Our B-BBEE Consulting Services include:

  • Verification Preparation
  • B-BBEE Strategy
  • Learnerships facilitation and management
  • Internal B-BBEE Audits
  • Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) Programme
  • Supplier Training and workshops
  • B-BBEE Portfolio Management

Practical, efficient and affordable – our B-BBEE Consulting Services will have your company up-and-running as a B-BBEE Certified organisation as quickly as possible.


Do you want practical B-BBEE Transformation for a competitive advantage?

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