Our Story

NSP Consultants was started by Nishi Singh after she noticed the incredible potential South African businesses have to go from good to better. Her team of business specialists are passionate about transforming businesses from the inside-out, delivering results no matter what. With over 15 years experience dealing with both international and local companies, NSP Consultants are specialists in elevating businesses to newer, smarter, and more efficient operational heights.

“NSP Consultants believes that real business results come from being excellent in the small things and through applying a strong work-ethic, sound business practices and applications, and attention to detail with each project we embark on, this can be achieved.”– Nishi Singh, Director, NSP Consultants

Our Expertise

NSP Consultants are a team of business specialists who push the boundaries of what businesses can be. Combining our diverse skillset and competencies, we cater to each client’s unique needs with a win-win approach and a determined mindset of always delivering results. From consulting, project management and everything in-between, we’ve got you covered with solutions tailor-made to suit your capacity and budget. Ensure efficiency and sustained success with us today.

Our Purpose

We exist to help businesses reach their maximum potential.

We believe that real business results come from being excellent in the small things, and we promise to help you and your teams improve in excellence in every area within your organisation. Our approach is based on incremental changes that lead to sustainable growth and excellence. We believe in getting the basics right, building upon a solid foundation which allows for expansion, improved systems, and diversification in your business.


Our Core Values

Begin your journey into business excellence today. Contact us to set-up an appointment and see how we can help improve efficiency, growth and stability in your business.

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